5 Reasons To Study Salon Management While Getting A Cosmetology Degree

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You may be ready to take on an entry-level salon job upon graduating, but what kind of long-term goals do you want to achieve? If you dream of owning your own salon or at least managing one, you’ll find it easier to move forward in your career after studying salon management. Including business and marketing training in your cosmetology degree can help you out in five different ways once you’ve started climbing the ladder of management in a spa, salon, or franchise outlet. Preventing Failure First, an in-depth knowledge of how salon businesses run can help you succeed in your career at every level. Knowing how to market a salon translates into marketing yourself as an individual hair designer or esthetician, which means you’ll be able to bring in new clients regardless of where you end up working. You’ll know when it’s time to find a new salon to call home because you’ll spot the warning signs that the business is floundering. You may even be able to help the owner turn the business around if they’re willing to put your experience to good use. Opening Your Own Business Of course, all that training makes it much easier to open a salon of your own as well. Well-rounded salon management training plans will include information on topics like writing a business plan for securing funding, choosing between the various styles of salon operation, and negotiating deals with product vendors. A little training in the beginning can help you avoid common pitfalls that cause salons to shut down, including: Pricing mistakes that put off potential customers Resisting the need to adjust to changing demands and competition Working with too little cash in the bank for covering lean times Expanding too quickly or too slowly. Adding Services Even while you’re still working at a salon owned by someone else, your management training can help you determine which services to add. This skill is doubly important once you’re running or owning a business. For example, specializing in hair loss, advanced coloring techniques, or bridal designs could bring in business or alienate your existing customer base. Training in management will give you the analytical and research skills needed to determine what services to add, drop, or advertise more based on your target demographics and their needs. Understanding Marketing Great salons can’t operate on word of mouth alone anymore. Aside from basic marketing like advertising, you’ll need to know how to manage your salon’s reputation, in addition to your own reputation as an individual. Reacting badly to a negative review on a website like Yelp could cost you further bad press. Most cosmetology schools include marketing and reputation management as part of the curriculum for salon management programs, so take advantage of the available training to make sure you know how to spin these kinds of events in your favor. Replacing Experience Finally, you’ll definitely need some kind of advanced training and certificate to prove it if you want to jump ahead a few positions fresh out of cosmetology school. Management at salons and spas is often promoted from within based on experience and seniority, which helps ensure the management preserves the current goals and quality of the business. To have any hope at getting even a position as an assistant manager at a...

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5 Little Black Dress Tips For Plus-Sized Women

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Shopping for, buying and trying on new clothes can be fun, but if you’re a plus-sized woman, sometimes, finding the perfect little black dress can be stressful. However, no matter what your size, you can find a little black dress that makes you look and feel beautiful. If you’re struggling to find a dress that flatters you, check out these five helpful tips. Always Stick to Your Own Size Women who aren’t comfortable with their body can easily fall into the trap of choosing ill-fitting clothes. Some women end up buying clothes that are too big, so the extra cloth hides their weight. Unfortunately, when you wear a dress that is too big or has no shape, it does the complete opposite of what you want and makes you look bigger. It’s always important to stick with clothes that fit properly. However, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, as these can show off your weight in a negative way. Find a Dress that Flatters Your Shape You also want to find a dress that flatters your shape. There are many different types of body shapes, such as pear shape and apple shape, and different dress styles work better on different body shapes. For example, if you have a pear body shape, you have big hips and small bust. Women with a pear body should choose dresses that make their top look larger without making their hips look bigger, such as flutter sleeves. A woman with an apple body shape (larger bust and smaller hips) should do the opposite, so a dress with flutter sleeves is a poor choice. Wear a Dress That Shows off Your Assets Besides having a specific body type, you also have some assets. Maybe you have shapely legs or a beautiful neck. Any dress you choose should show off what you love most about your body and hide those features that make you lose confidence. A short little black dress is perfect for a women with great legs, but can destroy self-esteem in a woman who feels self-conscious about her legs. Whenever you try on a dress, look at the areas you want to flaunt or hide and make sure the dress is doing just that. Stay Away From Stiff Fabrics Women with thin bodies can get away with wearing stiff fabrics and look great. However, if you’re a plus-sized woman, stiff fabrics can make you look bigger. These stiff fabrics are more likely to make your curves look harsh. Instead, choosing flowing fabrics, such as chiffon, voile, satin and silk. These fabrics move when you do, so they create a softer look that helps skim your bodyline and make you look smaller.   Use Vertical Designs You’ve probably tried on a dress or shirt with horizontal stripes and then vowed to never wear stripes again. However, the problem isn’t the stripes, it’s the direction of the stripes. Horizontal designs, work as an optical illusion to make you look wider. Luckily, you can use that same optical illusion to make you look taller and thinner if you use vertical designs. Vertical seams, stripes, piping and a deep V-neck trick the eye to make you look sleeker. Of course, if you want an area too look bigger, such as your chest, there’s no harm in...

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A Parent’s Guide to Makeup: 7 Tips for Your Teen

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Are you the parent of a teenage daughter experimenting with makeup for the first time? If so, you might want to offer some advice and guidelines. Rules should be established early on, especially when wearing makeup to school, as some schools do not permit the use of makeup. It’s a good idea to have a discussion or offer her some reading material on the use of cosmetics for teens. Here are seven makeup tips to offer your daughter: 1. Determine the School Rule of Wearing Makeup If your daughter wishes to wear makeup at school, be sure she is not breaking any rules. Strange as it may seem, some schools ban the use of makeup. This may be the case in private or parochial schools. If makeup is permitted, there may be restrictions, so inquire beforehand. 2. Have a Heart-to-Heart Mother and Daughter Conversation Sit down with your daughter to learn why she feels it’s important to begin wearing makeup. Is it because her friends are doing so? Does she want to conceal skin flaws? Wearing makeup to be “one of the girls” and fit in with her peers, isn’t a solid reason. Maybe you feel your child is too young to wear eye shadow and mascara. Perhaps she can begin by wearing a subtle shade of lipstick. Establish some rules and stick to it. On the other hand, if your daughter is trying to cover up complexion flaws or hide blemishes, the first step should be proper skin care. Keeping her face clean is very important. Tell your child to wash twice a day with a gentle soap made for her skin type. If makeup is permitted, a concealer that matches her skin type may be used. 3. Take it Easy Teach your daughter the golden rule of cosmetics for teens: Less is best. The idea is to enhance her appearance and accentuate her positive features. When wearing lipstick or gloss, subtle shades should be chosen over bold colors. If she chooses to wear foundation, one light application should be the rule. Eye shadow should be worn for special occasions and lightly applied. 4. Remove Makeup at Bedtime Your teen should always remove her makeup before going to bed. Failing to do so may result in clogged pores and breakouts. Have her begin by thoroughly washing her face, and using a gentle makeup remover if necessary. 5. Offer Her a Beauty Book Are you insure of what advice to offer on the use of makeup? Plenty of solid reading material exists on wearing makeup for the first time. Head to the library and find a book or two on cosmetics for teens. 6. Consider a Personal Consultation With a Beauty Expert Your local department store cosmetic counter may be a good place to start for the best makeup advice. If the store employs a cosmetologist, all the better. Your teen may be able to try samples and experiment with various products. An expert will be able to show your daughter how to apply makeup the correct way and recommend shades that are right for her skin tone. In addition to professional advice, you might want to consider a mother-daughter makeover. 7. Check the Ingredients Your teenage daughter might not think of looking at labels when choosing cosmetics. This...

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Three Amazing Ways To Follow Up Your Elvis Chapel Wedding With Fun Honeymoon Activities

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If you’ve planned to elope to Vegas, you’re in for an amazing time. While tiny, the Elvis chapels are renowned for their ability to take a special day and make it amazing with very little effort. But what will you do once your wedding night is over? If you’re honeymooning locally, there’s a myriad of fun excursion locations you can reach with ease. From the Grand Canyon to cruising the strip in an enormous pink limo, learn about your options right here. Steam Down the Strip in a Bright Pink Limo If you’re male, this may not seem all that appealing–but it’s the perfect way to treat your new wife like the true princess she is. If you’re a female that’s into girly things, this tour’s just for you. This is an ideal outing for right after you are married, especially if you’re not having a reception. You’ll climb into a bright pink stretch limo and cruise around while drinking champagne, nibbling on strawberries, and hopefully smooching your newly married spouse. Not particularly girly, or not feeling a totally feminine ride? Hire one of the pink stretch hummers instead for the same experience with a bit of a rocker edge. Fly in a Helicopter over the Grand Canyon (Stop for Lunch, Too!) Although it tends to be a bit pricey, the Grand Canyon makes for an amazing fly-over experience during a honeymoon. Plenty of helicopter and four-seater planes offer afternoon or morning tours, so there’s no need to worry about exerting yourself while hiking. If you do decide you would prefer to have both of your feet firmly on the ground for a bit, you can schedule special landings during your trip. For best results, ask to stop at Guano Point at sunset–this gorgeous observation area is perfect for picnics and meals.  Take a Gondola Ride That’s right–Vegas has its very own Gondola system. It’s attached to a very famous hotel right in the heart of the city, so it’s easy to access from any hotel. You don’t need to be staying in the hotel that owns it; you simply have to call and schedule when you want to take a ride. You’ll drift along an artificial lake effortlessly, either indoors or out depending on the weather. There’s plenty of time for cuddles, as your boatman will do all of the driving for you while singing traditional Italian love songs. Nighttime is the ideal time to indulge, thanks to the hotel’s gorgeous lighting. Much like everything else in Vegas, it’s open extremely late into the night, so head over just around midnight if you can. You can also take the gondola ride during the day, but it tends to be much busier. It’s still a fun experience, but the romantic side may be dialed back a bit by tourists snapping pictures and the busyness of the strip.  Take a Sub-Vacation to Paris You can’t really visit Paris while you’re in Las Vegas–it’s just not within easy travel range. But you can visit a close replica! Paris, Vegas is an area close to one of the biggest resorts. It’s made to look like the area around the Eiffel Tower in France, right down to a half-size replica of the real tower itself. At the top, a restaurant allows you to dine...

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Private Label Makeup Brushes: Branding For Your Business

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Marketing your business is an important part of branding your business and needs to be considered as an essential part of your business plan. While making sure that your company has an online presence is important, it is also important that you take the time to get your business out there to others in the industry. Subtle uses of your equipment to provide you with a vehicle to get your name out there can be done well with items like private label makeup brushes. Private label makeup brushes will put your name in the minds of your customers and keep them coming back for more. Thanks to the many changes in technology, it has never been easier to purchase private label makeup brushes. You can purchase them online and expect to receive high quality brushes that will look great doing the work. There are several things to consider when ordering your private label makeup brushes online. You will need to be prepared with your business name and logo in an electronic format. Most companies will need you to email the information to them in one of the methods such as TIFF, PDF, EPS or JPEG. These formats will allow them to easily manipulate the logo information to fit on the private label makeup brushes. It is important that you see a prototype of the private label makeup brushes before they print all of them. Often there is a no return policy on personalized items like the brushes. You want to be sure that you are careful when placing your order and that you know you will be satisfied with the results. You will want to see one that has been printed on the brushes in addition to the logo sample that you will have to approve of for them to move forward. In some cases you will be able to get the brushes mailed to you for approval and others might ask that you look at a photograph online or by email to give the approval. Get these details in writing before you agree to the purchase and printing. You will find that some sellers require a minimum number of brushes purchased such as 24 or 48. Be sure that you find out this information before you spend time discussing the process with them. You also want to consider shipping costs and the time that it will take for them to get the end product to you. If you need it by a specific time for an event you will need to confirm that they can have it to you in time. You may also find that there are fees associated with the initial set up of the logos. Getting the logos set up to be printed takes a great deal of time and requires a professional. It is for this reason that many companies will charge a set up fee of $25 or so. You will find that the more of the private label makeup brushes you order the better the deal that you will get on brushes with companies like Crown Industries Inc. Make sure that you are considering this when placing the order. You will also find that once you have your logo set up with a company it is easier and less expensive ordering from...

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