Three Amazing Ways To Follow Up Your Elvis Chapel Wedding With Fun Honeymoon Activities

If you've planned to elope to Vegas, you're in for an amazing time. While tiny, the Elvis chapels are renowned for their ability to take a special day and make it amazing with very little effort. But what will you do once your wedding night is over? If you're honeymooning locally, there's a myriad of fun excursion locations you can reach with ease. From the Grand Canyon to cruising the strip in an enormous pink limo, learn about your options right here.

Steam Down the Strip in a Bright Pink Limo

If you're male, this may not seem all that appealing--but it's the perfect way to treat your new wife like the true princess she is. If you're a female that's into girly things, this tour's just for you. This is an ideal outing for right after you are married, especially if you're not having a reception. You'll climb into a bright pink stretch limo and cruise around while drinking champagne, nibbling on strawberries, and hopefully smooching your newly married spouse.

Not particularly girly, or not feeling a totally feminine ride? Hire one of the pink stretch hummers instead for the same experience with a bit of a rocker edge.

Fly in a Helicopter over the Grand Canyon (Stop for Lunch, Too!)

Although it tends to be a bit pricey, the Grand Canyon makes for an amazing fly-over experience during a honeymoon. Plenty of helicopter and four-seater planes offer afternoon or morning tours, so there's no need to worry about exerting yourself while hiking.

If you do decide you would prefer to have both of your feet firmly on the ground for a bit, you can schedule special landings during your trip. For best results, ask to stop at Guano Point at sunset--this gorgeous observation area is perfect for picnics and meals. 

Take a Gondola Ride

That's right--Vegas has its very own Gondola system. It's attached to a very famous hotel right in the heart of the city, so it's easy to access from any hotel. You don't need to be staying in the hotel that owns it; you simply have to call and schedule when you want to take a ride.

You'll drift along an artificial lake effortlessly, either indoors or out depending on the weather. There's plenty of time for cuddles, as your boatman will do all of the driving for you while singing traditional Italian love songs. Nighttime is the ideal time to indulge, thanks to the hotel's gorgeous lighting. Much like everything else in Vegas, it's open extremely late into the night, so head over just around midnight if you can.

You can also take the gondola ride during the day, but it tends to be much busier. It's still a fun experience, but the romantic side may be dialed back a bit by tourists snapping pictures and the busyness of the strip. 

Take a Sub-Vacation to Paris

You can't really visit Paris while you're in Las Vegas--it's just not within easy travel range. But you can visit a close replica! Paris, Vegas is an area close to one of the biggest resorts. It's made to look like the area around the Eiffel Tower in France, right down to a half-size replica of the real tower itself. At the top, a restaurant allows you to dine on gourmet French cuisine while you gaze out over the strip. 

People who have enjoyed this experience tend to say that sunset is best. An enormous fountain complete with colored lights sits below the restaurant itself; you'll get to enjoy an amazing light show while you enjoy your dinner. If you're really lucky, you'll get to partake in a post-dinner dance in the courtyard while this fountain show plays.

Las Vegas has so much to offer newlyweds that it can be overwhelming to decide exactly what you should see first. For best results, try to allot at least a week or more in a local hotel. If budget is a concern, there are plenty of affordable 4-star hotels to choose from. When in doubt, contact a wedding planner at the chapel you intend to marry at--they're trained to help you make plans for both before and after your celebration. You can also try here to be brought to a site that will tell you more about Elvis chapel weddings.