A Parent's Guide to Makeup: 7 Tips for Your Teen

Are you the parent of a teenage daughter experimenting with makeup for the first time? If so, you might want to offer some advice and guidelines. Rules should be established early on, especially when wearing makeup to school, as some schools do not permit the use of makeup. It's a good idea to have a discussion or offer her some reading material on the use of cosmetics for teens. Here are seven makeup tips to offer your daughter:

1. Determine the School Rule of Wearing Makeup

If your daughter wishes to wear makeup at school, be sure she is not breaking any rules. Strange as it may seem, some schools ban the use of makeup. This may be the case in private or parochial schools. If makeup is permitted, there may be restrictions, so inquire beforehand.

2. Have a Heart-to-Heart Mother and Daughter Conversation

Sit down with your daughter to learn why she feels it's important to begin wearing makeup. Is it because her friends are doing so? Does she want to conceal skin flaws?

Wearing makeup to be "one of the girls" and fit in with her peers, isn't a solid reason. Maybe you feel your child is too young to wear eye shadow and mascara. Perhaps she can begin by wearing a subtle shade of lipstick. Establish some rules and stick to it.

On the other hand, if your daughter is trying to cover up complexion flaws or hide blemishes, the first step should be proper skin care. Keeping her face clean is very important. Tell your child to wash twice a day with a gentle soap made for her skin type. If makeup is permitted, a concealer that matches her skin type may be used.

3. Take it Easy

Teach your daughter the golden rule of cosmetics for teens: Less is best. The idea is to enhance her appearance and accentuate her positive features.

When wearing lipstick or gloss, subtle shades should be chosen over bold colors. If she chooses to wear foundation, one light application should be the rule. Eye shadow should be worn for special occasions and lightly applied.

4. Remove Makeup at Bedtime

Your teen should always remove her makeup before going to bed. Failing to do so may result in clogged pores and breakouts. Have her begin by thoroughly washing her face, and using a gentle makeup remover if necessary.

5. Offer Her a Beauty Book

Are you insure of what advice to offer on the use of makeup? Plenty of solid reading material exists on wearing makeup for the first time. Head to the library and find a book or two on cosmetics for teens.

6. Consider a Personal Consultation With a Beauty Expert

Your local department store cosmetic counter may be a good place to start for the best makeup advice. If the store employs a cosmetologist, all the better. Your teen may be able to try samples and experiment with various products. An expert will be able to show your daughter how to apply makeup the correct way and recommend shades that are right for her skin tone. In addition to professional advice, you might want to consider a mother-daughter makeover.

7. Check the Ingredients

Your teenage daughter might not think of looking at labels when choosing cosmetics. This should be a rule not to be overlooked. If your child has sensitive skin, it's best to choose dermatologist-tested hypoallergenic makeup. You might also want to consider mineral makeup for your daughter.

Mineral makeup may contain zinc oxide and other "natural" ingredients that will not clog pores. This means it may be free of additives, dyes and fragrances that may irritate teenage skin. If your teen is prone to acne, this may be a good choice for her.

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