3 Tips For Blending Hair Extensions

One of the worst offenses you can make when wearing a weave is failing to properly blend it. When the hair is incorrectly installed, it is noticeable and takes away from the hairstyle you are attempting to achieve. If you are new to wearing hair extensions, here are some tips for blending your hair with them. 

Use Extensions With a Similar Hair Texture

Before you buy the hair extensions, get familiar with the texture of your hair. When it is time to buy the extensions, you need to find those which match your hair's texture. If not, the extensions will be very noticeable.

For instance, if your hair has a tight curl pattern, adding in silky straight extensions is the wrong way to go. Remember, there are extensions for every hair type, so take the time to find one that specifically matches your hair. 

Treat the Hair Extensions Before the Install

Even though hair extensions are supposed to be ready to apply when straight out of the packaging, most of the time, you have to treat the hair to help it match your own. 

For instance, if the hair extensions are shinier than your hair, you can brush baby powder through the extensions to dull the shine. However, if the extensions are dull, you can add shine with the help of a glossing spray. You can find the spray at your local beauty supply store. Be careful when applying the spray. If you apply too much, the hair extensions can take on a plastic look. 

Trim the Extensions

Although the idea of using hair extensions is to add length and sometimes volume to your hair, too much can cause the extensions to stand out. To avoid this, you need to trim the hair extensions to match your current hair style.  If you are unsure of how to trim the extensions, a hair stylist can trim the hair for you. 

You also need to factor in the thickness of your hair. Even if you want to add volume, you have to be careful about applying too much hair. Work with your stylist to determine just how much of the extensions need to be applied to achieve the look that you want. 

As you become more familiar with hair extensions, you will learn how to blend them better with your natural hair. Until then, working with a hair stylist can help you stay on the right path with your styles.