3 Gift Ideas for the Gal in Your Life Who Loves Beauty and Fashion

Having a hard time trying to figure out what to gift the lady in your life who is infatuated with beauty and fashion? Here are a few interesting ideas to consider that are sure to put a smile on her face and score you some extra "brownie" points.

A Jewelry-Making Kit

Encourage the lady in your life to get creative with her fashion obsession by giving her a high-end jewelry-making kit and a book or DVD that teaches her the basics. Look for a kit that caters to those who want to make jewelry for adults. Instead of beads, the kit should contain gems, fine stones, and even diamonds. Instead of hemp or similar material, the kit should come with sterling-silver chains and gold ropes to make necklaces out of. If the jewelry-making kit you choose doesn't come with tools such as beading pliers and jewelry tweezers, give them a gift certificate for some tools that will help get them started.

Permanent Eyebrows

If your loved one enjoys manicuring their eyebrows or even draws them on with a makeup pencil, she may appreciate the opportunity to have permanent eyebrows tattooed onto her skin. This way, she can spend less time putting on her makeup without having to worry about whether her eyebrows are styled the way she likes. Set up a consultation with a specialist for the lady in your life so she can have some custom work done to her eyebrows as she sees fit. You may also want to give her a gift certificate for a follow-up visit in the next few months so she can have touch-ups done, if necessary. Talk to a company such as The Brow Club to get started.

A Fashion-Show Tour

Take your loved one on vacation she'll relish by planning a fashion-show tour throughout the country. Pick a fashion show in Los Angeles, one in New York, and another in the middle of the country to attend before heading back home again. Spend a couple of days in each place so you have an opportunity to spend some quality time together checking out the sights and sounds in addition to attending each fashion show. Give her a notebook and if possible a new camera that she can use to document the fashion shows. She can then use the documentation at home to gather new ideas for fashion projects or to decide what type of style she wants to adopt for a specific season during the year.