Tips To Help You Care For Your High-End Nail File

A nail file can be an essential tool for keeping your nails looking healthy. For many individuals, the feel of using a high-quality nail file can be incomparable to using a lower quality option. Unfortunately, these individuals will frequently fail to take the appropriate care of these tools, and this can greatly reduce the results the nail file provides you or it may shorten its lifespan.

Keep The Nail File Clean

One of the most important things that you can do to keep your nail file in good condition will be to regularly clean it. Failing to clean the nail file can make it easier for you to accidentally infect your nails with a fungus or bacteria. To clean the nail file, you should thoroughly soak it in a sanitizing solution for at least several minutes before wiping it dry. For those that have painted or jeweled nail files, it is important to avoid using acidic solutions as these can damage the paint or discolor the jewels.

Wrap The Nail File When Storing It

When you are not using your nail file, it is important to keep t wrapped in a protective cloth. This will help to keep dirt and dust from contaminating the file. Additionally, if your nail file is decorated, this will help to keep it from getting scratched or otherwise damaged while it is being stored. When choosing a wrap for your nail file, you should avoid plastic or vinyl as these can trap moisture against the file. Cloth is preferred as it will allow moisture to evaporate away from the file, but you should only use a white cloth to prevent pigments from getting on the nail file and causing it to develop permanent stain on its decorative parts.

Consider Investing In A Nail File Sharpener

Over the course of using a nail file, it will gradually become dull. If you have invested in a high-quality nail file, you may want to avoid needing to replace it due to the file becoming dull. Lucky, it is possible to sharpen dull metal nail files with a simple attachment. If you have a glass nail file, it may not be possible to sharpen it, but these nails files are designed to avoid this need by being made of a high strength glass. As a result, cleaning the nail file may be enough to sharpen it by removing dirt and other debris that is causing it to feel dull.

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