Do You Know What's In Your Skin Care Products? 4 Reasons You Should Switch To Organic

If you're worried about the chemicals and preservatives that are in processed foods, you probably know how important it is to choose organic foods whenever possible. However, you might not realize that the same can be said about the products you use on your skin on a daily basis. If you take your health seriously, you need to make the switch to organic facial products, including face creams. If you're not sure organic skin care is the way to go, here are four reasons that will change your mind.

No Petroleum to Clog Your Pores

When you put non-organic skin cream on your face, it probably feels soft. It might even leave your skin feeling smooth. Unfortunately, it feels that way because it's loaded with petroleum-based products. Petroleum-based products like mineral oil, and even Vaseline, are manufactured using the by-products of oil. It may make your skin feel smooth, but the petroleum-based ingredients are soaking into your skin and clogging your pores. That means your skin is susceptible to blackheads and acne, which you definitely don't want. Organic face creams are made from things like shea butter and bees wax, which means you won't have pore-clogging petroleum-based products on your skin anymore.

Natural Vitamins for Your Skin

One of the problems with non-organic skin care products is that even if they start out with vitamins, the manufacturing process removes even trace amounts of the beneficial ingredients. Organic skin care products, like face creams, are produced in such a way that they retain the vitamins and minerals that are so good for your skin.

No Chemical Preservatives

You know that it's not good to eat foods that contain chemical preservatives. However, you might not realize that it's bad to use skin care products that contain chemical preservatives. Unfortunately, most skin care products contain significant levels of chemical preservatives. That means that every time you apply those products to your skin, those chemical preservatives are being absorbed into your body. Organic skin care products contain no chemical preservatives, so they're safer for your skin, and for you.

Natural Anti-Bacterial Protection for Your Skin

If you're concerned about the germs and bacteria that are in the environment, you want to utilize as many natural antibacterial substances as you can. That's why organic skin care products, such as face creams, are so important. Most organic skin care products contain natural antibacterial agents such as tea tree oil. When you use organic skin care products, you'll be protecting your skin from damage and from germs and bacteria.

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