4 Tips For First-Time Tanning Salon Visitors

If you are considering visiting a tanning salon so you can enjoy a beautiful golden tan, you are not alone. Over 35% of adults living in the U.S. admitted to visiting a tanning salon as of mid-2014. There is often a lot of negative attention surrounding artificial tanning, especially when using tanning beds. However, with the right tips, you can safely enjoy tanning and the benefits it offers.

Start with Clean, Exfoliated Skin

Each day, your body loses between 30,000 and 40,000 dead skin cells, but your body produces new skin cells to replace the old ones. To get the most out of your tanning experience, you want to make sure you arrive with clean, exfoliated skin. Make sure you shower before your appointment and use an abrasive scrub or sponge to remove dead skin cells.

Limit Your Tanning Time

Most of the negative news surrounding the use of tanning beds is because people abuse the time they spend under the UV lights. The purpose is not to bake yourself. Instead, you should limit the time you spend in a tanning bed. Experts recommend spending just 4 to 5 minutes in a tanning bed the first time. A professional can help you figure out how to increase your time gradually for the safest experience. The time you spend in the tanning bed may also vary depending on your skin type and color.

Use a High-Quality Tanning Lotion

Sometimes tanning salon customers will overlook the importance of a high-quality tanning lotion. You may find that using a high-quality cream is not cheap, which means you might be tempted to skip that step. However, the right tanning lotions can protect your skin from absorbing too much UV light. Tanning lotions are essential for everyone, but particularly for people with fair skin since they tend to burn quickly.

Limit Your Visits

The goal of your tanning salon visits is to enjoy a healthy golden glow. However, that does not mean you should visit a tanning salon each day. You should limit your tanning salon visits to no more than three times a week. If you are unsure how long to wait between tanning sessions, talk to a professional. An expert can help you figure out the best timeline to help maintain your tan without risking your health.

If you would like to learn more about tanning tips for first-time visitors, contact a tanning salon specialist near you. The specialist can help you set up an appointment and go over your options based on your skin type and color.