Ready For A New Look? 4 Haircut Styles You May Want To Try

From clothing and accessories to how you apply your makeup, the different ways to enhance your appearance are overwhelming. Your hair can not only affect your appearance, but it can also impact your personality. With the right haircut and style, you will feel more attractive and more confident, but finding a look suited to not only your face and hair type but also your personality and lifestyle can be challenging. With this guide, you will learn a few trendy cuts and styles to consider for your hair and overall appearance.

The Lob

Most people confuse bobs with lobs, but they are entirely different types of cuts. A bob is a shorter cut — a lob is a longer version of the classic bob. If you want an easy cut and style that consists of longer length, getting a lob is a great way to achieve and maintain a cut that allows you to feel feminine.

You may not know this, but there are different types of lobs to consider. If you prefer a modern look and feel, opt for an asymmetrical a-line lob. This cut is a bit longer in the front compared to the back.

A textured lob can be created with a shoulder-length cut and layers that are styled using a texturizing product. This lob is meant to look slightly messy while still styled fashionably.

Lobs can be cut to include bangs or not. You can wash and dry the lob with ease or you can use styling tools, like straight and curling irons, to achieve a more distinct look.

Boho Hair

If you prefer longer hair, opt for a boho style. In most cases, the boho style is achieved with a cut that brings the hair right at and slightly below the collarbone. Many people consider the style a more grown-up version of a longer lob.

Boho hair can be worn without any worry of styling, so once you achieve the length, you do not have to worry about products and styling tools. Most women can enjoy the boho style of hair by washing and drying it with a style or allowing it to air dry.

Chunky Bob

Another great option to consider is the chunky bob. Again, this is another carefree cut that does not require a lot of time to style, unless you want to create a more polished look.

A chunky bob is characterized as a shorter cut that is layered to create definition and volume. The cut is great for anyone with a medium thickness of hair since it looks thick and full when it is cut into a bob with layers.

To style a chunky bob, you can wash and dry with a hairdryer. Or, allow to air dry for a messier look that shows off the layers. If you want a more streamlined look, apply gel or mousse to the layers or pin the front strands back off your face using balm and a barrette.


The pageboy hair cut does not work well on all types of facial shapes and personalities, but it can be a great style to consider if you have an oval, diamond, oblong, or heart-shaped face. If your hair is fine or medium in thickness and texture, the cut will work best.

The cut centers on a very short length that reaches to right above the cheekbones. Gel or mousse and a hot iron can be used to style the hair towards the eyes and against the face to create the classic pageboy look.

If you are ready for a new cut and style, help is available. This guide will help you select a look that suits your hair, face, and personality with ease. Visit a local beauty salon to get more advice on choosing a new hairstyle today.