Buying Salon Chairs For Your New Business

For a salon, it will be necessary to invest in a large number of salon chairs that the clients will be able to use while their hair is being done. While salon chairs can be a basic tool for any salon, individuals that are in the process of opening a salon may not be sure as to the types of qualities that will help to make a salon chair a good choice for their establishment.

Avoid Placing Style Over Client Comfort

Individuals that are opening salons will often have very strong opinions about the look that they are wanting to achieve for their salon. Unfortunately, it can be easy to focus too much attention on the look of these chairs. However, it is still important to make sure that your clients are as comfortable as possible while they are in your salon. This is particularly true for individuals that are investing in high-end work as they may have to stay in the chair for many hours before it is done.

Consider The Ease Of Cleaning The Chair In The Future

Over the course of a day, it may be possible for many individuals to have to sit in your salon's chairs. After each client, the chairs will need to be cleaned and prepped so that they will be ready for the next client that is scheduled. Due to this reality of running a salon, it is necessary to choose chairs that will be as easy to clean as possible. Individuals may assume that vinyl upholstery for these chairs will always be necessary. While this can be among the easiest options to clean after each client, there are salon chairs that use more traditional fabrics for upholstery, but these may need a fabric guard in order to make them easy to keep clean.

Ensure Management Is Prepared To Maintain The New Salon Chairs

To assist your stylists with working on clients, salon chairs will usually be capable of swiveling and raising or lowering. To keep these chairs working, they will need some periodic maintenance, but this will usually be limited. Applying lubricant to the chair will be needed to keep it spinning smoothly, but this will be something that salon management will be able to easily do on their own. In contrast, the mechanism that raises and lowers these chairs will be hydraulic or spring-based, which can make it more difficult for individuals to service on their own. Having professionals service your salon chairs when the spring or hydraulic starts to fail will minimize the risk of performance problems developing when your stylists are trying to serve clients.